Aircraft Composite Structures Division

The basic task of the Department is work in the field of designing structural elements of aircraft ...



The basic task of the Department is work in the field of designing structural elements of aircraft (manned and unmanned) and ground equipment, development of mechatronic systems including unmanned aerial systems, development and implementation of composite technologies into aviation of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland. Department has the competence to conduct training in the field of composite technologies and the operation of unmanned aerial systems.

The main directions of works carried out by the Department are:

  • • Design and manufacture of composite structures and their technical documentation;
  • • Repair of aircraft structures using composites;
  • • Computer analysis and simulations of composite structures using MES;
  • • Development of repair technologies for composite structures;
  • • Making composite structures and repairs;
  • • Design, assembly and commissioning of electronic circuits;
  • • Development and implementation of image processing algorithms;
  • • High-level programming of user interface applications;
  • • Modeling and simulation of the dynamics of various types of technical objects;
  • • Development and implementation of control systems;
  • • Low-level programming of embedded systems operating in real time;
  • • Designing of composite and metal structures of aircraft;
  • • Aerodynamic design and analysis of aerodynamic and performance characteristics of complex aircraft systems
  • • Preparation of CAD documentation in the Siemens NX system (Unigraphics);
  • • Preparation of flat documentation;
  • • Designing and implementation of printed structures (3D).

Organizational structure of the Department of Composite Aerial Structures:

1. Laboratory of Aircraft Construction
2. Laboratory of Aircraft Composite Structures
3. Laboratory of Aircraft Unmanned Platforms


Head of the Department: mjr dr inż. Mariusz ŻOKOWSKI
phone +48 261 851 358


ul. Księcia Bolesława 6
01-494 Warszawa, skryt. poczt. 96

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