Aircraft Composite Structures Division

The primary task is to develop unmanned aircraft systems with aircraft support systems, designing, constructing of new aircraft structures and developing, producing and testing composites.



The primary task of the Division for Composite Aircraft Structures (Z-58) are the works in the field of designing the aircraft structural elements (manned and unmanned) and on-ground equipment, developing mechatronic systems, including autonomous unmanned platforms, developing and implementing composite technologies in aviation of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland, developing and implementing composite technologies in aviation of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland. The division also focuses on security and airworthiness issues of unmanned aerial vehicles.

The Division has competences to conduct training in the field of composite technologies and service of unmanned aerial vehicles.

The main directions of works done by the Division are as follows:

  • Designing and producing composite structures and preparing their technical documentation;
  •  Repairing aircraft structures using composites;
  • Computer analyses and simulations of composite structures using MES;
  • Developing technology for repairing the composite structures;
  • Devising composite structures and doing repairs;
  • Devising, assembling and launching electronic systems;
  • Developing and implementing image processing algorithms;
  • High-level programming of interface application with the user;
  • Modelling and simulation of the dynamics of different kinds of technical objects;
  • Developing and implementing control systems;
  • Low-level programming of embedded systems working in real-time;
  • Designing of composite and metal aircraft structures;
  • Aerodynamic design and analysis of aerodynamic and performance characteristics of complex systems of aeroplanes;
  • Preparing CAD documentation in Siemens NX (Unigraphics);
  • Preparing 2D documentation;
  • Designing and making printed structures (3D);
  • On-ground and in-flight tests of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV);
  • Supporting Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland in using the unmanned aerial systems (UAS);
  • Developing procedures, research methodologies and technical documentation of unmanned aerial systems;
  • Certification of unmanned aerial systems intended for the civilian and military market.

The organisation structure of the Division for Composite Aircraft Structures (Z-58):

  1. Laboratory for Autonomous Unmanned Platforms – Laboratory Manager - Major PhD Eng. Michał WACHŁACZENKO
  2. Laboratory for Aircraft and Composite Structures – Laboratory Manager - M.Sc. Eng. Paweł ORZECHOWSKI
  3. Laboratory for Airworthiness of Unmanned Aerial System – Laboratory Manager – M.Sc. Eng. Teresa BUCZKOWSKA-MURAWSKA


Chief of Division: Ph.D. Eng. Paweł Szczepaniak
tel. 261 85 13 58


ul. Księcia Bolesława 6
01-494 Warszawa, skryt. poczt. 96

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