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PAG needs

On March 4, 2020, Military University of Technology hosted workshops to determine the needs of the Polish Aviation Group (PAG).

The workshops were organized by the Faculty of Mechatronics and Aviation and the MUT Doctoral School and were conducted by: Dean of the Faculty of Mechatronics of the Military University of Technology director Ph.D.D.Sc. Eng. Stanisław Kachel, prof. MUT, Director of PLL LOT captain pilot Kamil Chudy and Director of the MUT Doctoral School director Ph.D.Eng. Piotr Zalewski, prof. MUT.

The workshops were attended by representatives of the Polish Aviation Group, LOT Polish Airlines, Military University of Technology, University of Warsaw, the Military Central Office of Construction and Technology and the Air Force Institute of Technology represented by the director Ph.D.D.Sc. Eng. Mirosław Kowalski, prof. ITWL.

As part of the meeting, the national carrier PLL LOT presented a long list of 15 problems posed by the implementation of the daily operational tasks of the carrier which require the support of scientific and research institutions.
During the discussion, participants decided to create an interdisciplinary team consisted of representatives of institutions participating in the workshops. This team will meet regularly to analyze problems and present ways to solve them. A separate task will be to develop a way of continuous cooperation and research funding.

The Polish Aviation Group was established in 2018. Its primary task is to consolidate the aviation sector in Poland. The group includes: LOT Polish Airlines, LOT Aircraft Maintenance Services sp.z o.o. (LOTAMS), LS Airport Services SA. (LSAS), LS Technics sp.z o.o. (LST).

Source: Piotr Zalewski/
fot. Sebastian Jurek; Sławomir Sobczak

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