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MSPO for the 31st Time 

The 31st edition of the International Defence Industry Exhibition, MSPO 2023, has just commenced and will run until Thursday. ITWL, as it does every year, is presenting its flagship projects and solutions dedicated to the Armed Forces and other uniformed services, as well as civilian customers.

We warmly invite you to visit our stand at booth B-42, where we will showcase our offerings alongside our subsidiary, NYLONBOR. Additionally, you can explore our outdoor booth at ZG-32, where we will display our nominated Defender Award entry - the Electronic Warfare Training System (EWTS).
The EWTS serves as a vital component in supporting the training of aircraft crews in radio-electronic combat conditions. It is a complete and autonomous system adaptable to various locations, functioning both within industrial networks and with its own power sources. The system is housed in three containers, facilitating rapid deployment.
The EWTS is an innovative system aligned with the evolving dynamics of the Armed Forces, addressing threats stemming from the current geopolitical situation.
This system was developed with the support of the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR) through the collaboration of a scientific-industrial consortium consisting of ITWL (lead), the Academy of Artillery and Air Defense, and Wojskowe Zakłady Elektroniczne S.A. Its current configuration is the result of cooperation with the Ministry of National Defense and decisions approved by the Ministry of National Defense.
In our booth in Hall B, you will also find:
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle "Duch" (part of the "Wizjer" system) with its complete setup, including:
• UAV launcher,
• control station,
• additional control station,
• communication system,
• transport backpacks.
The LBĆ-10K Airborne Practice Bomb, laser-guided to replace full-sized combat bombs in pilot training for bombing missions.

The MUP Rescue Pack - a survival kit (MUP-RP) for aircrew conducting flights over aquatic environments (MUP-Rescue Pack "P" for the pilot, MUP-Rescue Pack "N/T" for the navigator or onboard technician, and MUP-Rescue Pack "R" for the rescuer).

Passive Aircraft Protection Systems - flares and their launching cassette, meeting STANAG-4687 requirements, designed for the passive defense of crewed aerial platforms.

Information Systems - the latest support systems, including SI SAMANTA, SI SANP (Vehicle Reliability Analysis System for Jelcz Vehicles), and an application for the "Rzeczy są ludzi" project.

Airborne Target Imitator Set - designed for the training of anti-aircraft defense subunits on the polygon, covering the engagement of airborne targets with air-to-air, surface-to-air, surface-to-surface, and gun-based weaponry.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles "AtraX" with a grenade launcher module for vertical takeoff and landing.

Electromagnetic Radiation Absorbing Materials - "stealth" technology and a screen-based infrastructure protection system (TEMPEST) safeguarding against HPM attacks and interference.

Battlefield Deception Systems - smoke candles, handheld smoke grenades, smoke blocks for deception and training purposes.

The Large Cumulative Charge ŁK-2 - designed for mining purposes, such as road and bridge destruction, opening passages, or breaching bunkers.

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