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MSPO 2019

The Air Force Institute of Technology once again presented its innovative solutions during the largest defence exhibition in Eastern Europe - MSPO2019, which took place on September 3-7, 2019 in Kielce.

This year, the Institute's products were exhibited at the ITWL and Polish Armament Group stand. ITWL Director Ph.D.D.Sc. Eng. Mirosław Kowalski, prof. ITWL, in the company of Deputy Director - professor Ph.D.D.Sc. Eng. Andrzej Żyluk and Ph.D Eng. Jarosław Sulkowski, for 4 days of the fair, undertook dozens of Polish and foreign delegations, including representatives of the Government and the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland, Heads of the largest aviation and armament companies as well as Commanders of the Armed Forces of other countries that were present at this year's International Defense Industry Exhibition.

Increasing Military Combat Capability of Military Helicopters
Together with PGZ S.A. and WZL 1 S.A., the Institute presented the Universal On-Board System for Increasing Military Combat Capability of Military Helicopters. The presented solution included digital mission and flight management subsystems that increase the detection capability of day and night infrared camera systems with rangefinder and laser pointer, improved navigation with digital map, collision warning system, mission planning system, new integrated radio capable to work in greater numbers ranges, a self-defense system with managing self-defense subsystems and visualisation for crew. In addition, ITWL presented the possibilities of integration of new types of armament with the Mi-24 helicopter together with an effective management system, including anti-tank guided missiles and non-guided missiles.

New MUP System (Marine Pilot Suit)
Institute presented a new Polish Pilot's Marine Clothing system, which was created as a result of cooperation between ITWL and EQUES, a company experienced in sewing specialist garments. The new solution is a coherent and comprehensive system of solutions ensuring the safety of military aircraft crews (including protection against hypothermia) and high comfort in everyday use, and its easy configurability allows the creation of individual solutions tailored to specific tasks and needs.
The basis of the new solution is a new model of the suit and internal components such as: thermo-active, flame-retardant underwear, flame-retardant insulation, insulation with an increased coefficient of thermal protection and external elements: vests, harness vests, life jackets, escape apparatuses, and specialized shoes.
At the stage of creating the system, a new fabric was used, which - in addition to breathability, waterproofness and flame retardancy, performs additional important technical functions, including anti-static and impact resistance with hot metal filings, and in addition lightweight plastic flame-retardant gas-tight zippers and flame-retardant threads. The new MUP suit also includes a laser-cut molle platform system on which mobile pockets and vests can be optimally positioned depending on the user's needs. A new ergonomic cut of the entrance lock on the back has been designed, enabling the user to fasten and unfasten independently. In addition, braces were used to stabilize the position of the suit during use.

IT support of the Polish Armed Forces
ITWL has been providing the Polish Armed Forces with IT support solutions for years, which are constantly developed and expanded with new functionalities. This year, a comprehensive IT support system of the Polish Armed Forces was presented, which included the following modules:
SI POTENA - Anti-aircraft defense
SI SAMANTA BSP - unmanned aerial vehicles
SI WILD - environmental threats
SI TURAWA MATS - air traffic
SI TURAWA TRAINING - flight training
SI SAMANTA - aviation technology
SI TURAWA BL - security
SI CZASZA - parachute training

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
ITWL exhibited, as every year, own Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. You could get acquainted with the AtraX multi-rotor family: AtraxC (combat) and AtraxM (mini). As a part of the PGZ S.A. exhibition the development version of the NeoX observation and impact fixed wing aircraft, i.e. the NeoX 2nd class Viewfinder was presented together with a dedicated flight simulation system.

VR training
The Virtual Training Module in the field of aviation technology with the use of virtual reality was also shown, which, thanks to the use of VR goggles, enables virtual moving to the aircraft cabin and performing maintenance activities.

ITWL exhibition was also filled with
a modern reflectometer for conducting non-destructive tests MAZOVIA and "Ventus Recorder" developed by the Military Institute of Aviation Medicine as part of the project "Improving tests in real flight conditions of physiological and psychological parameters


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