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Representatives of the institute took part in the Global Drone Conference, organized during the Aviation Expo exhibition in Kielce on September 19-20, 2020.

ITWL was represented by representatives of the Aviation Composite Structures Division, Lt. Col. PhD. Eng. Mariusz Żokowski, M.Sc. Teresa Buczkowska-Murawska and Eng. Dominika Dudziak. As part of the conference, ITWL presented a paper entitled "How do we certify unmanned aerial vehicles? Military and civil regulations.", in which the safety issues of UAV systems and the issues related to the impact of certification were presented:

"The popularization and multitude of applications of unmanned aerial vehicles contributed to the increase in the number of incidents involving them. One of the main reasons for such a high number of incidents is component failure. In this situation, research will have a key impact on improving the quality of the systems. Thanks to them, potential errors and defects will be detected and the manufacturer will have a chance to improve them. Research is an element that provides reliable data about the technology and, above all, confirms safety and high quality. Certification is a process that directly translates into an increase in the operational safety of UAV systems. "

As an institute operating for the Armed Forces, ITWL has over 20 years of experience in working with these systems used as air targets. We participate in the entire life cycle of the UAV System: from design, through construction, subsystem integration, tests, complete documentation, repair support, training of UAV operators. Over the years, ITWL has implemented over 100 UAV systems and supports their operation.

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