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Medals for the inventions

ITWL has been distinguished by medals for the inventions on international trade fairs "Ideas, inventions, new products" IENA 2021. The fair took place in November this year. In Nuremberg.

The presentation of the Institute's inventions was organized as part of the Polish stand, under the auspices of the official representative for Poland, which is the Promotional Agency Inventor.

  • Silver Medal of the IENA 2021

obtained the invention "A system to determine the weight and position of the mass of the aircraft" (Patent No. EN 230085). Iinventors are: M.Sc. Bonifacy Kolasa, PhD. D.Sc. Eng. Leszek Ułanowicz, D.Sc. Eng. Paweł Szczepaniak.

  • Bronze Medal of the IENA 2021

was awarded for a "Piezoelectric seismic sensor with the possibility of remote testing of its efficiency" (Patent No. EN 231771). Developed by: Dr. Zbigniew Ziółkowski, M.Sc. Roman Kamiński and Tech. Witold Majewski.

Association of inventors from Poland, Croatia and Austria arrived at the fair. Other countries were also emphasized - i.e. South Korea was a partner of this year's edition of IENA 2021. In the Nuremberg exhibition center, about 400 studies were presented, which were closely watched by investors, entrepreneurs and developers from around the world.

Awards from IENA 2021 are another valuable achievement of the Institute in the area of inventiveness. This is particularly important because the IENA fair is recognized in the world for leading, with extremely strict criteria for the evaluation of the presented studies.

Institute inventions were presented by: Patent Officer - Paweł Ziencik and Robert Czaplicki - Head of the ITWL Promotion Department.


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