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Neox-2 positively verified

The MINI Class NeoX-2 UAV which is being developed in the ITWL's Division of Composite Structures as a response to the Technical Association Program of the Polish Armed Forces, passed positive verification checking. System verification was attended by the representatives of the Armament Inspectorate, Polish Armament Group and gestures.

Neox-2 is an unmanned air platform built in a flying wing shape with electric drive and a push propeller. In comparison with the first version of Neox, the version #2 was redesigned to improve aerodynamics, which increased the longitude of flight and significantly reduced the level of acoustic emission.

The structure is based on a light platform using carbon-epoxy composites. The weight of the entire system in the portable version (carried in backpacks) does not exceed 50 kg (MTOW of the platform - 13 kg). The flight speed range is 65 km/h to 140 km / h, operating altitude - 100 to 1000 meters, and the maximum flight ceiling is 4000 m. The operational range is up to 35 km and the flight time over 3 hours. System is ready to take-off in less than 15 minutes.

Neox-2 is designed to conduct imaging diagnosis allowing for: current adjustments and an impact assessment of the use of weapons, detection of movement of the opponent's forces, assessment of the selected area and high-out imaging of objects in visible light and thermovision, as well as determining the coordinates of the goals or recognition of changes in observed area. The observation is carried out by the optoelectronic two-sensor head with a daily light sensor and a thermovision sensor.


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