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Defender for ITWL

The concluding ceremony of the Kielce Defense Expo MSPO 2023 marked a significant moment, as Director of ITWL, Ph.D., D.Sc. Eng. Mirosław Kowalski, received the prestigious Defender award in recognition of the institute's achievements with the "Electronic Warfare Training System (EWTS)."

ITWL once again demonstrated that hard work, dedication, and consistency in action make Polish technology capable of successfully competing with the largest producers of advanced systems dedicated to the training of the Armed Forces.

The Defender award was confered by the Competition Committee, which includes members of the Program Council of MSPO, including the management cadre of the Polish Army's logistics and various ministry services, as reported by the organizer, Targi Kielce S.A.

We are pleased to present the details of the award-winning system:

Electronic Warfare Training System (EWTS)

System Description:

The Electronic Warfare Training System is a key element in supporting the training of aircrew in radio-electronic combat conditions. It is a complete and autonomous system that can be used in various locations. It operates in both industrial networks and with its own power sources. The system is housed in three containers, allowing for quick deployment.

The EWTS is an innovative system that aligns with the dynamics of the development of the Armed Forces, addressing threats arising from the current geopolitical situation. Its current configuration is the result of cooperation with the Ministry of National Defense and decisions approved by the Ministry of National Defense.

The system was developed with the support of the National Center for Research and Development (Electronic Warfare Range - support for the training of aircrew and air defense systems, Agreement No. DOBR/0064/R/ID1/2012/03), resulting from cooperation between a scientific-industrial consortium consisting of ITWL (leader), the War Studies University, and Military electronics Works

System Components:

The system consists of three units:

  • Management and Cooperation Unit (MCU): The central element of the system, serving as the core for future expansions. It is responsible for exercise control and monitoring, as well as remote coordination of subsystems housed in the other containers. It provides information on the location and actions of aircraft.
  • Observational and Measurement Unit (OMU): Comprising a secondary radar that generates information about the aerial situation on the range and a radio-electronic reconnaissance subsystem monitoring active interference emissions from aircraft. It provides data on the location and actions of aircraft.
  • Threat Generation Unit (TGU): Responsible for generating electromagnetic emission signals simulating real threats to aircraft.


The EWTS fully addresses the training needs of aircrew in radio-electronic combat conditions. The units that make up the system enable, in particular:

  • MCU: Coordination, control, and monitoring of exercises using optoelectronic subsystems. Exercise configuration on maps and monitoring the status of individual subsystems.
  • OMU: Creation of an aerial situation image using secondary and primary radar, providing information about the location of aircraft and conducting radio-electronic reconnaissance.
  • TGU: Simulation of electromagnetic threats generated based on real threat source parameters (anti-aircraft systems), enabling realistic exercises.

The EWTS also allows for:

  • Recording exercise data and radio correspondence, enabling post-exercise analysis (debriefing).
  • Preparing aircrew for real-world operations by simulating threats and interaction with subsystems.

The implementation of the EWTS at the Central Air Range in Nadarzyce will be a milestone for Polish defense and will enable effective and realistic training for aircrew of currently used and newly introduced types of aircraft in radio-electronic combat conditions.

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