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70th Anniversary of the Institute

Word from the Director of the Institute:

“Ladies and gentlemen,

On June 17, 1953, the Minister of National Defense issued organizational order No. 042/Org, establishing the Scientific Research Institute of the Air Force (INBWL) on the grounds of the Babice airfield near Warsaw. Subsequently, on September 8, 1958, by order No. 013/MON, the institute's name was changed to the Institute of Aviation Technology of the Armed Forces (ITWL), a name that remains to this day. Since its inception, ITWL has been engaged in enhancing combat readiness and flight safety, initially pioneering in these areas and subsequently advancing technologically.

The celebration of our 70th anniversary provides an opportunity to recall certain historical facts concerning the beginnings of the Institute's activities. Our traditions are rooted in the establishment of the Aerial Navigation Section within the Ministry of Military Affairs, which occurred in 1918. In this new structure, the Scientific and Technical Division was initially formed, later transformed into the Military Research Center for Aviation in 1921. Evolving organizational, technical, and technological conditions, especially since Poland's accession to NATO, have shaped the themes and scope of numerous projects to meet the new needs and requirements of the Polish Armed Forces.

Today, the Institute boasts immense scientific research potential, modern and unique research equipment, and a highly qualified staff of scientific and technical experts. We have implemented an international quality system (with 14 certified research laboratories and a product certification unit). Leveraging the benefits of new technologies, we boldly embrace the dynamically changing landscape, brimming with innovative ideas, while confronting new challenges in the Polish and global defense market.

We can proudly point to world-class achievements, including in the fields of aerial combat systems, navigation and targeting systems, comprehensive tactical-level military training systems, as well as the development of mathematical models for the dynamics of aircraft flight, numerous studies supporting operational control, modern research in aircraft engine diagnostics, aviation and airport technology.
We are the only military research institute authorized to confer doctoral and post-doctoral degrees in technical sciences, specifically in the field of mechanical engineering.

We collaborate with major Polish and international arms manufacturers, conducting projects for the Ministry of National Defense, NATO, the European Defense Agency, and the European Space Agency, among others.
On this special day, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all who have contributed to the Institute's development over the years and to the current staff, whose dedication and hard work have strengthened ITWL's position while simultaneously building the reputation of Polish technology.

I warmly invite all of you to explore the specially prepared publication titled '70 YEARS OF ITWL: History and Future,' as well as the promotional film, which showcase our history and the Institute's contributions to technology and the Polish Armed Forces."

Director of ITWL
Ph.D., D.Sc. Eng. Mirosław Kowalski, Prof. ITWL


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