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ITWL with the main prize at POLSECURE2022

ITWL was awarded the main prize of the International Police and Public Security Fair - Polsecure 2022.

The competition Committee appreciated the Mobile Area Recognition System consisted of the intervention vehicle and UAV Atrax. The award ceremony took place on April 29, 2022 and was the culmination of the three -day Kielce Fair.

The Mobile Area Recognition System is intended for observation, search actions, borders' protection and critical infrastructure. The system can operate in difficult terrain, as well as at different weather conditions during day and night thanks to off -road intervention vehicle. The UAV ATRAX allows observation within range of up to 4.5 kilometers. It is noteworthy that the set can be configured with various optoelectronic heads and instruments, which allows to adapt the system to the user's needs. The system was created as a result of the contract with the Polish National Research and Development Center.

The Commission of the highest representatives of Police, Border Guard, ABW, NCBiR, State Fire Service, State Protection Service, Prison Service, Financial Supervision Committee, GITD and RCB awarded 3 out of 21 products reported to the Prize.

Award from the hands of the First Deputy Police Commander gen. Dariusz Augustyniak and President of Targi Kielce S.A. picked up, on behalf of the ITWL director Ph.D.D.Sc.Eng. Mirosław Kowalski, prof. ITWL, Michał Wąsiewicz from the Coordination of External Cooperation Department.


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