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Invitation to the stand of ITWL - MSPO 2022

The International Defence Industry Exhibition will start on September 6. During the four days of the Kielce fair, it will be possible to admire the latest achievements and projects currently carried out at the Institute.

As in the previous years, this year, the Air Force Institute of Technology will also show at its stand the solutions dedicated not only to the military market - the Armed Forces and other uniformed services but also to civilian recipients. This year, the Institute will compete for the prestigious Defender award in two categories: "Group of special equipment" and "Group of combat means of troops types":  

1. Mobile Terrain Recognition System – the system is intended for observation, search operations, border and critical infrastructure protection. thanks to the Terrain Intervention Command Vehicle, it can operate in difficult terrain, as well as at different times of the day and under various weather conditions. The Atrax unmanned aerial vehicle enables observation in a range of up to 4.5 kilometers. It should be noted that the set can be configured with regard to heads and equipment, which allows the system to be adapted to operating conditions. The system was established due to the implementation of an agreement with the National Center for Research and Development and is dedicated to support the activities of Special Forces, Military Police, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Police and the Border Guard.

The project was implemented in the consortium of ITWL (leader), WIHE and GIGACO.

2. JET-2 LM (Loitering Munition) - a modern platform, which was created based on a proven Aerial Jet Target JET-2 applied in the Polish Armed Forces, manufactured by ITWL. The unique parameters of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in combination with an electro-optical warhead equipped with a thermal and daylight module and one of the three tactical warheads make the JET-2 LM an extremely precise platform that functions as Loitering Munition. Identification, marking and targeting is done by a specially developed algorithm.

The task of the JET-2 LM is to precisely eliminate the target within a range of up to 70 km depending on the applied warhead:

  • High-explosive blast-fragmentation warhead - for damaging manpower and light field fortifications;
  • Cumulative warhead – for damaging tanks and other Armoured Fighting Vehicles;
  • Thermobaric warhead - for damaging manpower and other field fortifications.

Thanks to jet engines and an innovative rocket booster, the launch of the JET 2-LM takes place from a dedicated platform that can be placed on any means of transport. Its maximum speed makes it possible to reach the target located at the limit of the maximum communication range without retranslation in approximately 8 minutes. In addition, a great advantage of the platform is adapting the method of using platforms to the impact of anti-aircraft warfare (it can perform a flight at high altitude as well as a contour flight below 50 m).

The structure of the fiberglass airframe, the small radar cross-section (RCS), as well as the unique technical parameters, including the maximum speed of 140 m/s, make JET-2 LM difficult to be detected by radar stations and eliminated by enemy’s anti-aircraft warfare.

The concept of using the JET-2 LM involves conducting a single "kamikaze" mission, as well as flights in formations with unarmoured platforms, whose task is to demonstrate an attack and break the enemy's air defence system.

The project was implemented in the consortium of ITWL (leader), WITU, Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation, MSP Inntech sp. z o.o.

The ITWL stand also includes:

LBĆ-10K Practice Air Bomb - guided by a reflected laser beam, replaces full-size combat bombs in the process of training aviators in bombing.

AC Passive Protection System - flares and flare dispensers meeting the requirements of STANAG-4687, used for passive defence of manned air platforms.

PIORUN man-portable air defence system (MANPADS) - a modular device built based on the universal Support Beam and two rocket missiles. It is intended for helicopter self-defence, destroy enemy’s aircraft and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in the entire operating range of the carrier's flight speed and altitude.

WW-15 Multi-Tube Missile Launcher - WW-15 and WW-15/N launchers are intended for unguided 70 mm firing from combat helicopter platforms.

  • MOSKIT missile– anti-tank guided missile
  • IT Support Systems for the Polish Armed Forces – the latest support systems, incl. TURAWA-MATS, SAMANTA, e-NOPS
  • Air Target Imitator Set – intended for field training of anti-aircraft defence subunits in combating air-to-air, surface-to-air, water-to-air missiles and barrel weapons.
  • Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle– AtraxC.
  • MOP Rescue Pack- a survival kit for crew members of military aircraft.
  • „LANCET” modular guided weapon system for helicopters creates an integrated, digital system for detecting and combating targets.

We cordially invite, hall "D", stand No. 23.



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